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Create 30 Day’s of Social Media Content With These Social Media Content Tips

Social Media Tips

Taylor Squeglia

June 10, 2024

If creating social media posts feels like the biggest burden in your business, keep reading. We are sharing our go-to social media content tips that will help you get organized, feel strategic, and make your life easier.

How we manage 5 accounts without burn out:

Create a plan. 

  1. Get clear on your goals for posting. Ask yourself this: Are you selling? Are you looking for views? Are you looking for new followers? Or are you looking for engagement? Some posts may give you a little bit of all of that, but don’t expect month 1 of being consistent to bring in everything at once. Wouldn’t you rather be excited it happened than upset it didn’t?
  2. How many posts a week do you aspire to hit? 3-8 is our recommendation!
  3. Brainstorm ideas and see what content you can make with what you already have. Every single one of our clients has a content bank from which we choose. Look for trends you would want to do and write down original ideas.
  4. Using a calendar of your choice, we love Notion, and write down the content idea, the date it will be posted, the caption, and any other information that will help you. 

Create Content.

Go over your calendar and see what content you need to create. Create a “content shoot list.” This will help you complete all the shots in 30-90 minutes, depending on how many posts you need. 

Edit The Content.

Take the time to compile all or almost all of your reels. This part may be time-consuming—we won’t deny it—but imagine spending some time creating a month’s worth of content and not having to do much the rest of the month. It is the best feeling. 


Schedule all the carousels and static posts. We do not recommend scheduling the reels until the week of. You want trending audio unless you’re doing something original or using a voiceover. 

These social media content tips have helped us and our strategy consulting clients and I know if you follow these tips, they will help you too!

Still Feeling Overwhelmed?

We have two options for you. 

  1. We offer The Content Playbook, aka the Bible of content for service and product-based industries. It breaks content planning into ideas with examples, so you will always have content ideas. 
  2. We offer full-service social media management. If you are within 100 miles of Mystic, CT, we will come to you and create your social media content. We create your calendar and shoot list, write your captions, and schedule every post. On top of that, we also answer your DMs and manage all customer service on social media for your business. Learn more HERE

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