We know it can feel like everyone and their sister is a social media manager or content creator. We love that the online space has created income opportunities for so many people. However, we do not believe every person who uses social media should be calling themselves a "social media manager." 

The truth is so much goes into social media marketing and growth. That is why we chose to become a full-service social media marketing agency. If you are serious about bringing your business to the next level, you need to do more than post 3x a week and follow every social media "guru's" advice. You need a customized strategy that fits your business goals and needs. 

Let us break it down for you. The brands you LOVE on social media do not have an intern running their social media. Instead, they have invested in their photography and videography and work with professional social media marketers. We understand that only some have a budget, so we offer multiple ways to help business owners hit their social media goals. We believe in the power of an excellent social media strategy. We have seen it with clients ranging from complete Social Media Management to our Instagram Audit clients and everything in between.

We want you to succeed and are excited to get you to a place that exceeds your expectations. 


"where creativity meets strategy"

Vivid Marketing was born from a late-night vision. Our founder, Taylor, had been an in-house marketing manager for a fast-paced company. She managed multiple brands for a Food Network Chef, creating the content and the strategy. She watched the business grow, and that's when she knew she had the expertise to help multiple companies. Vivid started as a late-night "daydream," but in February 2023, it became a reality. 

Vivid is a boutique full-service social media marketing agency specializing in the food, beverage, and wellness industry. Still, we have the privilege of working with creators, brands in the cosmetic industry, the coaching industry, and more! 

At Vivid Marketing, we know how difficult it can feel to get your business seen by the right people. With an ever-changing algorithm, it can feel overwhelming and exhausting. That's where we come in. We stay current on all social media changes and constantly learn about the algorithm. We believe in using the data, the trends, and our client's vision to create a custom strategy that leads to success!

about vivid

Taylor Squeglia

Taylor Squeglia has set out to change the industry standard. She passionately educates new and experienced business owners on the incredible capabilities of social media marketing. Her background consists of 17 years in the hospitality industry as a server, trained chef, certified nutritionist, and personal trainer. These skills have equipped her to be an innovative marketer in these industries. Her background knowledge has allowed her to craft visual storytelling through photography and video editing. As well as create captivating content and strategy.

She started Vivid in 2023, and within her first year, ten businesses reached their campaign goals. Taylor enjoys being behind the camera with a food and beverage brand and creating strategic sales campaigns. With a degree in Business and a minor in Finance, she sets out to ensure each client gets an ROI and then some. some!

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