Consulting & Strategy

When brands come to us and aren't looking to be on a monthly retainer or need us to do it all, these are a few popular options!

Website design

Coastal Graphics

They had an old site that had no consistent branding. They wanted to start fresh with a very simple site-but more effective. Although, this is a basic site you can see the brand consistency throughout and showcases exactly what the client wanted. 

Guarenteed Mechanical- coming soon

The client was not sure how he wanted to start or what his vision was, but we were able to talk him through the process. He now has brand clarity and a site that he loves. It will be launching soon!

3 Month marketing intensives

Client 1- Angela Jones: We worked with a habit and productivity coach who was struggling to create a plan past a couple of weeks. After working with us she has the entire Q1 marketing & sales strategy planned as well as a custom social media content calendar that aligns with her marketing campaigns. She has clarity on her messaging, ideal audience, content strategy, and launches.  

Client 2- SECT Massage: She came to us to do a 3 month holiday campaign strategy. We broke down ways for her to prepare and make the most out of Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season. She tripled last years gift card sales, created a more engaging audience, and 2x 2022 holiday revenue! 

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